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Rental Housing Staff Directory

Rental Housing Development Staff

Dale Wittie, Director Of Rental Housing Development


Bennett Atwill, Business Development & Operations Manager


Rental Servicing Staff
Hope Coleman Rutter, Director of Rental Servicing Email
Yvette Jones, Rental Escrow Analyst Email
Linda Barrett, Loan Collections Email
Yvonne Broaddus, Loan Closing Specialist Email
Rental Insurance Questions Email
Rental Servicing General Questions Email

Housing Tax Credit Programs Staff
JD Bondurant, Director of Tax Credit Programs Email
Stephanie Flanders, Assistant Director of Tax Credit Programs
Phillip Cunningham, Associate Tax Credit Allocation Officer Email
Pamela Swartzenburg-Freeth, Tax Credit Allocation Analyst Email
Aniyah Moaney, Tax Credit Allocation Coordinator

Compliance and Asset Management Staff
Assisted Housing / Southern Region Email 
Central Virginia Region Email
Northern Virginia Region Email
Tidewater Region Email
Compliance and Asset Management Email